Category · Awards
DIVISIONS 1. Junior (ages 5 -12) *born April 2, 2006 - April 1, 2014)
2. U-19 (ages 13 - 18) *born April 2,2000 - April 1, 2006)
3. Open (ages 19 and over) born before April 1, 2000)
 ・When the members of a team are of ages of differing divisions, the team shall compete in
  the division of the age of the oldest team member.
   Ex.: A team of 2 elementary school students and 1 junior high school student shall
     compete in the U-19 division
 ・There are no limitations on the gender and number of team members on a team.
・Performance ( – 3min.)
・Speed (30sec.)

< OPEN >
・Performance ( – 3min.)
・Speed (30sec.)
・Freestyle battle
PARTICIPATION RIGHTS ※For teams from participating countries other than Japan
●Only the top teams from both the “Speed” and “Performance” events at each country’s qualifying competition for all categories (JUNIOR, U-19, and OPEN) are given the right to participate in the DDCW2019.
 ※However, the number of teams with participation rights varies depends on the number of competing teams in each country’s qualifying competition. This is the same for each country’s qualifying competition, and applies to all categories (JUNIOR, U-19, and OPEN).

[DDCW participation right acquisition details]
1 team – 59 teams・・・・・1 team
60 teams – 89 teams・・・・・2 teams
90 teams or more・・・・・3 teams

 ※Applicable countries: Belgium, China (Shanghai), France, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, USA

●If the team that wins a DDC is not from that country, they are not automatically eligible to compete in the DDCW. Only teams that live in the country in which the DDC is held and win, or place amongst the top teams (refer to the DDCW participation rights details) attain the right to compete in the DDCW.
Ex.: If JUNIOR 30 teams, U-19 50 teams, OPEN 100 teams participate in a DDC
JUNIOR(30 teams) U-19(30 teams) OPEN(100 teams)
1st Home country team A Hong Kong Home country team E
2nd Home country team B USA Home country team F
3rd Home country team C Home country team D Home country team G
※The teams highlighted in yellow have the right to compete in the DDCW.

●The maximum number of Performance teams that can compete in the DDCW2019 is 15 teams from each division (JUNIOR, U-19, and OPEN), a total of 45 teams.
AWARDS < Speed >
 ・Junior  Cumulative number of jumps Top 3 teams
 ・U-19  Cumulative number of jumps Top 3 teams
 ・Open  Cumulative number of jumps Top 3 teams
 ・Fastest Jumper

< Performance >
 ・Junior   Cumulative points of all judges Top 3 teams
 ・U-19   Cumulative points of all judges Top 3 teams
 ・Open   The top 4 teams receiving the most points from all of the judges are selected
        to compete in the "BATTLE," which determines the final ranking.
        ※ There is no match to determine 3rd place in the BATTLE.
 ・Best of Show